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    Founded in 2007, Physike Technology Co., Ltdbased on the outstanding talents of domestic famous universities and research institutesis a high-tech company specializing in R & D, sales and technical consulting of scientific instruments in the fields of physics, chemistry and materials. The company is the agent of several world famous equipment manufacturers in China, such as Janis, Cryomagnetics, Star Cryoelectronics, Cryofab, Cryocon, IRLabs, TAI, M&I and Temati. At the same time the company cooperates with a number of world-renowned spectrophotometer companies.

    Besides the company self-developed testing systems include low temperature conductivity testing system, low temperature Hall effect testing system, AC magnetic susceptibility testing system, low temperature and high magnetic properties testing system, low temperature magneto-optical testing system, transient photocurrent /photovoltage testing system, Seebeck test system, RRR test system and so on.